Feedback from Passers-by

I’ve overheard conversations of people telling young children what the flowers are, seen an elderly lady reaching out to touch the pink cosmos, and I never know whether the missing flowers are the work of the possums or people. Either way, it’s good.

Activity: What I saw on my walk

The idea for this activity came from several conversations. First, was with my granddaughter telling me about the rewards being offered at school to encourage children to walk. Although she walked to school every day she chose not to put her hand up. Second, was a conversation with my son about how we all used […] Read more

The Most Important Equipment for Walking in the Suburbs

I had to get from North West Hospital on Flockton Street to the Everton Park shops in Brisbane today. It was a hot sunny day, 30+ degrees. I’d not planned on walking so had no hat, but I did have the most important equipment of all for walking – my phone. I checked the map […] Read more