Verge Gardens for Advocacy

As part of their verge garden project, ACF Community Brisbane Northside held a Verge Gardens for Advocacy session in November. We started with a recap from last month of all the users and uses of this space. Some of the many users and uses of the nature strip or verge in front of our homes. […] Read more

Feedback from Passers-by

I’ve overheard conversations of people telling young children what the flowers are, seen an elderly lady reaching out to touch the pink cosmos, and I never know whether the missing flowers are the work of the possums or people. Either way, it’s good.

Why your verge should include flowers

Flowers are ambassadors for verge gardens. They help to make people comfortable with the initial disruption to the ubiquity of grass nature strips. Here are two main types of flowers to include on your verge.

Activity: What I saw on my walk

The idea for this activity came from several conversations. First, was with my granddaughter telling me about the rewards being offered at school to encourage children to walk. Although she walked to school every day she chose not to put her hand up. Second, was a conversation with my son about how we all used […] Read more

What’s So Special about Verges and Nature Strips?

There is a tendency to think of native strips or verges as just another form of public greenspace like parks and community gardens. And a less important one, at that. But this space – between the front property line and the road – has some special features that set it apart from other public land. […] Read more