Directory of Projects and Participants

Planting Projects

Nature Strip Projects are the first step towards greening our cities. They can be started at minimal cost without delay.

Gardens For Wildlife build community knowledge about biodiverse native wildlife and habitat.

Community Nurseries and Micro-forests are organised community projects to transform larger piece of unused urban land. They require funding or fundraising and appropriate permissions from Councils. (coming soon – list yours now)


Community Nurseries provide plants and advice specific to your region

Professional Services including consultants, designers, organisers

Gardening and Landscaping Services including small business and social enterprises


Research includes research that influenced this project and research you may need to develop yours or support grant applications.

Causes and Sectors

Urban Design & Active Transport Advocates for better Urban design with streets that are cool, interesting, safe, and shady to encourage active transport.

Online Community & Discussion Groups social media groups on related topics


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