Directory of Projects and Participants

Our directory brings together many people and organisations involved making our urban areas more sustainable by greening our streets – including residents, councils, business, and community groups.


Nature Strip Projects are the first step towards greening our cities. If your council already has a verge garden policy, they can be started at minimal cost without delay. If not, seeing what others have done and learning about the issues can help councils develop a policy for their area.

Group Projects are for organisations and groups who want to use verge gardening as a group activity to build membership and get their message out. In the process, you’ll learn more about working together in loose networks to support each other and to form the collaborations needed to have greater impact.

Collaborative Projects several organisations coming together in a loose network to create solutions that none could do on their own. These work across the sectors ensuring that there are environmental, social, economic, and cultural benefits from each project.


Community Nurseries provide plants and advice specific to your region

Council Policies Every Council has a different policy for verge gardens or nature strips – it is important to check yours before you begin.

Research includes research that influenced this project and research you may need to develop yours or support grant applications. Researches in any relevant field are welcome to post details of their research and research interests.

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