Nature Strip Projects

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Posted 2 weeks ago

I belong to the Pullen Pullen Catchments Group and have a great interest in natural bush regeneration where plants are not planted and the bush...

 Nature Strip Projects /  Queensland

Posted 5 months ago

My local council provided some free native grasses which I've used near the corner, so as to keep the view line clear for traffic. Elsewhere...

  • Area Converted (sqm): 47

 Nature Strip Projects /  Victoria

Posted 5 months ago

"Growing Community, Growing Together" Note - This group is by Verge Garden Projects Australia. This group is the foundations for community involvement across Australia and...

 Nature Strip Projects, Online Discussion Groups, Verge Garden Projects Australia /  Australia-wide

Posted 6 months ago

This is my nature strip that you see in many of the photos on this website. The strip has a street tree planted by Council...

  • Area Converted (sqm): 58
  • Council Ward: McDowall

 ACF Community Brisbane Northside, Climate for Change, Habitat Stepping Stones, Nature Strip Projects, Queensland Walks, Verge Garden Projects Australia /  Queensland

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