The Verge Garden Basics – Understanding the Space has free articles that will give you a good grounding in how to garden in this contested space. It can be used by individuals and for group projects. Subscribe for the free newsletter and to be part of the community comments and discussions.

Group Projects

It just takes one or two of you to start the ball rolling, and then you can use this as a group project to benefit the environment, build your connections, and be part of creating the change you want to see.

launch at Kumbartcho nursery. Looking at some tuebestock plantsACF Community Brisbane Northside uses verge gardens as their “Save Our Big Backyard” nature activity to increase awareness of the need to protect biodiversity in the community.

We’ll help you leverage and promote activities and conversations to build your group and spread your message with a flexible and doable project that connects your members within the community.

Your members can use the free articles and resources, and you can use them for easy activities and lively discussions at meetings.

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Collaborations for Scale and Change-making

Collaborations are the key to making the changes needed to address climate change and loss of biodiversity. We build on the conversation skills practiced as individuals planting, and the habits of leverage and promotion practiced as a group.

We provide the platform and coaching for your community to create your own localised collaborative project that focuses on your assets and goals.

You’ll be part of our growing network of collaborators who use the skills gained in practical experience gardening on the verge and participating in group projects, and then go on to share their knowledge and experience to form more projects.

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Consultancy & Speaking

Individual consultancy and speaking in-person or on zoom is available on an hourly or daily rate by negotiation.