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Verge Garden Basics – Improve Your Patch

It's been more than five years now since I started my verge garden with lots of lessons learned along the way. Here you can learn them the easy way in just five weeks.

This course takes you from not knowing where to start (or why to start) to a proud and confident verge gardener.

I think it will also change the way you see our streets.

1 The Why: To start you'll work out why you want to do it. Are you aiming to cut out save time and effort mowing? Do you want to attract pollinators? Or make your street more attractive? And what makes you hesitant about starting?

2 The Rules: There are formal Council policies and lots of unwritten social rules that govern this space that combines public and private. Knowing these will save you lots of grief.

3 Decisions: Now you're ready to go it's time to think about design of your patch and what to plant.

4 Start Planting: Plant out your first patch and show it off. Check out the reactions of others on the course and talk about reactions from neighbours.

5 Complete and Showcase: You're now a proud and confident verge gardener. What surprised you along the way? Have any of your neighbours followed your example?

This course begins on Wednesday 11th May 2022.  Watch for the email alerts for new content and discussions added each week.

Let's get started...