Three Levels of Action

The Shady Lanes Project has three levels with corresponding resources. How far do you want to go?

For Everyone

The free course, Verge Garden Basics – Understanding the Space is about understanding the complexities of gardening on our streets and an introduction to planting as advocacy and collaboration.

You are encouraged to post your garden stories in the public directory to provide examples to others.

For Groups Leaders making change in their community

You can use the Shady Lanes method of planting verges as a group activity to raise awareness of the social and environmental benefits in local communities and raise the profile of your group.

We provide information, discussion and support on growing your group as well as your garden in the group section on Substack. Please do the free Basics course first to see if this is for you.

Collaboration – Change the World

What if we could scale verge gardening from a niche activity for individual gardeners and group volunteers to a mainstream activity that will help transform our cities?

This is an ongoing community for change-makers who want to bring more widespread change using nature strip planting as a core activity to create diverse collaborations to create environmental, social, and economic change in their community. Participation is by invitation.