Verge Garden Basics - Improve Your Patch

This free course on resident-planted and maintained nature strip gardens distills the lessons I have learned the hard way over 5 years into 5 easy steps.

For many residents, it will take you from not knowing where to start (or why to start) to being a proud and confident verge gardener.

For professionals in many fields, it will take you on a journey exploring what can encourage residents to convert from grass to biodiverse native gardens supporting council-planted street trees to make our suburbs more sustainable.

Start here...

Collaboration Course - Change the World

How do we scale verge gardening from a niche activity for individual gardeners to a mainstream activity that will help transform our cities?

This is an ongoing course and resource for change-makers who want to bring more widespread change to their communities. It develops the idea of using nature strip planting as a core activity to create diverse collaborations to create environmental, social, and economic change in their community.

Available only to those who have completed the Basics course and have committed to full membership. Begins June 2022.