Verge Garden Basics - Improve Your Patch

Verge gardening has the potential to transform our cities and streets creating cooler, walkable streets with habitat and biodiversity.

But there are pitfalls for the unwary - too often resulting in disputes between neighbours or between the public and councils.

This free course on resident-planted and maintained nature strip gardens distills the lessons I have learned the hard way over 5 years into 5 easy steps.

For many residents, it will take you from not knowing where to start (or why to start) to being a proud and confident verge gardener who understands how their garden plays a part in the overall greening of our cities.

For professionals in many fields, it will take you on a journey exploring how to encourage residents to convert from grass to biodiverse native gardens supporting council-planted street trees to make our suburbs more sustainable.

Start here...

Collaboration - Change the World

How do we scale verge gardening from a niche activity for individual gardeners to a mainstream activity that will help transform our cities?

This is an ongoing community for change-makers who want to bring more widespread change to their communities. It develops the idea of using nature strip planting as a core activity to create diverse collaborations to create environmental, social, and economic change in their community.

Available only to those who have completed the Basics course.