Verge Garden Basics - Understanding the Space

Verge gardening has the potential to help transform our cities and streets creating cooler, walkable streets with increased habitat and biodiversity.

The land is available now and residents already maintain a large part of it. All they'd need to do is replace mowing with tending a garden. Indeed for many verge gardeners, freedom from mowing is one of the motivations.

But even after years of advocacy, with Costa on Gardening Australia and champions like Pete Olds with the reverge facebook group, the idea hasn't taken off.

To make it worse, there have been some major disputes between people from urban gardening movements and local councils.

I came to this issue as an amateur gardener who converted their verge, initially to avoid mowing, and then saw the opportunities this space offered to help tackle the bigger issues of habitat and biodiversity loss, urban heat and climate change. It's the verge you see in the photos of this website.

Added to that is the bag of ideas and experiences I've accumulated over a lifetime from business, online marketing and community building, and academic studies.

This free course on resident-planted and maintained nature strip gardens distills the lessons I have learned over 5 years into 5 easy steps.

For many residents, it will take you from not knowing where to start (or why to start) to being a proud and confident verge gardener who understands how their garden can play a positive part in the overall greening of our cities.

For professionals in many fields, it will take you on a journey exploring how to connect and build better collaborations with residents to make our cities more sustainable.

Start here...

Collaboration - Change the World

How do we scale verge gardening from a niche activity for individual gardeners to a mainstream activity that will help transform our cities?

This is an ongoing community for change-makers who want to bring more widespread change to their communities.

We discuss the differences in managing views on verge gardens and how council policies can manage them.

And it develops the idea of using nature strip planting as a core activity to create diverse collaborations to create environmental, social, and economic change in their community.

Available only to those who have completed the Basics course.