March 2020 Survey

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Survey March 2020 - Pedestrians and Nature Strips

As well as Councils and residents, there is another group of people who are very much affected by verge garden policies and practices.

That is the pedestrians who walk along the streets, through the gardens.

Your input into this survey will help us all understand this interaction better.

NoPlanning toJust startingEstablished
Strongly DisagreeDisagreeNeutralAgreeStrongly Agree
very neat
varied planting
seasonal change
habitat plants
organic (no pesticides or herbicides)
Hate itAnnoyingNeutralGoodLove it
Street trees
Low growing shrubs on verge
Tall shrubs on verge
Low weeds on verge
Tall weeds on verge
Cars parked on verge
Grass verges that need mowing
Drop at side of paths
Flowers in nature strip garden
Vegetables in nature strip garden
Herbs in nature strip garden
Strappy leaves falling over path
Spiky plants close to path
Uneven/broken pavement
No pavement
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