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Our surveys help direct our efforts into the best ways to increase planting in our towns, cities and suburbs.

Aggregated and anonymised results are provided to our readers and supporters.

April 2020 Survey

Over the past month our world has changed immensely. While it is tempting to retreat into stunned silence, time and the seasons move on. We need to think about what sort of cities and lifestyles we want to emerge from this crisis, and how we can cool our cities during the next hot summer. How has […] Read more

Survey Results – March 2020 – Pedestrians and Verge Gardens

In our third survey, in March 2020, we looked at pedestrians and how they felt about nature strips and verge gardens. This is very important because nature strips are public land and if a member of the public complains about your verge garden, you may need to remove it. Here is what we found… Everybody […] Read more

March 2020 Survey

You will receive a copy of your completed form by email.  […] Read more

February 2020 Survey Results

In our second survey, in February 2020, we looked at our expectations of councils. Many thanks to all who participated. This is what we found. Council Policies Council policies vary widely. Some are basic guidelines, others require formal applications, landscape plans, and payment for permits for the most basic verge garden. Readers could select as […] Read more

February 2020 Survey

In our January survey we found that council policies and communication was a big issue. Let’s look a bit deeper into that. Every Council policy (list here) is different. Some are just guidelines, others require detailed landscape plans and payment for permits. Some offer plant lists, a few offer special lists for bushfire prone areas. […] Read more

January 2020 Survey Results

In our first survey, in January 2020, we looked at why people had, or didn’t have verge gardens. Thank you to all who participated. This is what we found. The reasons for having a verge garden Readers could select as many reasons as they wished. The top reason selected was because it looks better, equal […] Read more

January 2020 Survey

In the three years since I started planting on my verge, I’ve found a lot of people who say it’s a great idea, they’d like to do it, but somehow they never do. What is it that stops them? This is the approach to my verge garden. You can see my neighbour’s extremely neat verge […] Read more