Biophilia – Integrating Nature into our Lives

Does planting out your footpath seem trivial compared to the work of committed environmental and bushcare groups? It depends how you look at it. There is no doubt we need people to group together for both lobbying and practical work on specific issues – saving wetlands, protecting koala habitat, fighting against mining, and so on. […] Read more

.This is not a Photo of a Verge Garden

I often see my photo used as an example of a verge garden, sometimes with permission, often without. Why is this photo so popular? I use this photo on the front page of this website and in presentations, and have a laminated printed version for displays. Reactions are always positive. One Councillor who was not […] Read more

.Could Verge Gardens be the Leaders in Cooling our Streets?

Street trees are an obvious way to reduce urban heat. I’ve written about my street tree and how the native verge garden around it increased biodiversity and helped the young tree thrive. And I measured the ground temperatures to show the cooling effects of the shade from this tree and its larger neighbour. Recent conversations have […] Read more

.Why street trees and why native verge gardens

(This is based on a presentation for the Banyo Verge Garden Pilot Project in March 2023) This month, the World Wildlife Foundation and Doctors for the Environment launched a new report about the urgent need to address urban heat and the vital part that street trees play in cooling our suburbs.   This isn’t a […] Read more

.Verge Gardens and Active Transport

As part of the Banyo Verge Garden Pilot Project, we held a workshop on the connections between verge gardening, greening the streets, and active transport. It led to some lively discussions and clarifications. We started by considering the many different people with an interest in whether we have more street trees, more shade, and more […] Read more

.Welcome 2023 – Will it be the year for biodiversity?

I started 2023 feeling more confident than I have for some time. The COP15 – Biodiversity COP – and recent movements from the new Australian government was encouraging. Maybe it wasn’t everything that everybody wanted but it was a significant change. And biodiversity is firmly on the agenda both globally and locally. Locally, we’re making […] Read more

Verge Gardens for Advocacy

As part of their verge garden project, ACF Community Brisbane Northside held a Verge Gardens for Advocacy session in November. We started with a recap from last month of all the users and uses of this space. Some of the many users and uses of the nature strip or verge in front of our homes. […] Read more

ACF Brisbane Northside Verge Garden Project

In October 2022, ACF Community Brisbane Northside launched their Verge Garden Project as part of the Australian Conservation Foundation’s Save Our Big Backyard campaign. This is a flexible and doable group activity that raises community awareness and knowledge about the importance of biodiversity and native habitat in our suburbs as well advocate to protect regional and remote areas. We started by thinking of all […] Read more

Verge Gardens for Advocacy Project Launch

On Sunday 12 October, ACF Community Brisbane Northside launched their Verge Garden Project that aims to combine increasing biodiversity in their region with advocacy as part of the Australian Conservation Foundation Save Our Big Backyard campaign. We started by thinking of all of the different stakeholders, users, and uses of this space. Here are just some… Does […] Read more

.Car Parking and Verge Gardens

Several conversations over the past few weeks have got me thinking about car parking and verge gardens. Space for car parking is one of those topics that can quickly turn a discussion about verge gardening into an argument on social media and a neighbourhood dispute on the ground. But it’s not as simple a topic […] Read more

Lessons from the Rain and Flood

Living near the top of a hill meant that our Brisbane house was safe from flooding and the garden was relatively unscathed in the 2022 extreme rain event. The deluge from above combined with sodden soil and runoff from higher properties to create rivers flowing through the garden toward the lowest points – especially the […] Read more

Nature Strips – Biodiversity and Habitat in the Burbs

I started this journey as a verge gardener. I decided I’d had enough of mowing the grass in front of my house. And then the Brisbane City Council changed their rules about planting verge gardens. Westringia is a low-growing native shrub that provides flowers and habitat for bees, small birds and other wildlife. Occasional pruning […] Read more

Maintenance of Verge Gardens

Grass maintenance is easy to do without thinking and easy to outsource. The thousands of mow/edge/blow workers driving around the city are evidence of that. My neighbours’ buzz-men disturb my peace with their noise and fumes during the week.  They work quickly and produce reliably neat results.

Financial Benefits of Verge Gardening

It’s hard to assign monetary values to many of the savings and benefits but here are some suggestions that also show how to maximise the benefits and avoid pitfalls. Costs and Savings for the householder Time – the greatest cost in time is in setting up the garden. In some locations, you can reduce this […] Read more