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Verge Garden In Shorncliffe 4017

We started the verge garden 12 months ago. We have over-sown the existing non-native grass with Dichondra Repens, a no-mow native grass with pretty kidney shaped leaves.

The native grasses and plants have been planted in ‘drifts’, located to suit shade and sun requirements. We have deliberately not used a border strip to avoid it being a potential trip hazard.

We initially put a small sign on the tree to explain that the verge no longer needed to be mown, but it seems old habits die hard in the suburbs!!

Local Government Area
Area Converted (sqm)
24 msq
Council Ward
Number of street trees
Zero Emissions
Does this garden comply with your local Council Policy?
Whose Country are you on?
Groups and/or Projects
ACF Community Brisbane Northside, Keep Sandgate Beautiful Association