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Banyo Verge Garden Pilot Project

Ingrained Foundation provided a grant in 2022 for a collaborative project where Australian Earth Laws Alliance (AELA) and Regen Brisbane/Meeanjin will work with the Shady Lanes Project to convert some verges in Banyo with the aim of encouraging more residents to do the same.

The grant includes paying Nundah Community Enterprises Co-operative to do some of the conversion work, thereby creating meaningful, supported employment to their gardeners.

As part of the grant application, The Shady Lanes Project is matching the grant amount with in-kind provision of the project model, supporting technology, and consultancy. AELA is auspicing the grant.

Other participants in the collaboration are the ACF Community Brisbane Northside group

There was a website for the project and individual verge gardens will be listed here.

When the pilot project ended in October 2023, the website was updated and handed over to the local residents as the Banyo District Verge Garden Network