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Nature Strips Basics

Building collaborations through the planting of nature strips is the focus of Shady Lanes. The understanding and relationships built through planting your own gardens on this space can be used to build relationships and collaboration to tackle many other issues.

Can we plant anything we like?

No. The aim is to build positive relationships for ongoing collaborations between residents, Councils, and many other interested parties. You must comply with the regulations of your local Council. Our free Garden Basics course and public workshops will help explain the reasoning behind many council restrictions. Council policies are listed in our directory.

What if I want to do something different?

Do what you can within the regulations – you might be surprised at how much you can do. You’ll need to apply for permits or planning permission to do more. Successful projects will help build the trust needed to enable Councils to modify future policies.

Can we plant the whole street?

You would need the agreement of each resident affected and be sure that everyone understands who is going to be responsible for ongoing maintenance.  There is nothing stopping groups of neighbours working together – just watch to make sure nobody is unhappy about the change.

Can we grow food?

Some councils allow it but there are many reasons that native habitat is more appropriate (and easier) for this area. The pollinators and other wildlife attracted to your verge garden will benefit food growing in private areas.

Do we have to plant the whole verge?

No. It’s often a good idea to plant a small area to start with and test as you go.

Can I plant trees?

Most Council don’t allow residents to plant trees or shrubs over 50 or 60cm tall. However Councils will usually plant a street tree for you if you ask them.

Where can I find out more?

See Tips for Creating a Trouble-free Nature Strip and browse our directory of nature strips for examples. Or sign up for our free course Verge Garden Basics – Getting to know the Space