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East Gippsland Verge Gardens

East Gippsland Verge Gardens is a new group promoting the development of verge gardens to cool and beautify our streets, and provide habitat for local fauna, including pollinators (beyond European bees).

By planting council compliant verge gardens and street trees, the group will help re-green the cities and towns of East Gippsland and reclaim hundreds of linear acres lost to fires, flood and estate development, for our wildlife.

Greening the streets and covering the soils with mulch or plants will also prevent the development of urban heat islands. An urban heat island is one  places where the street temperature can reach fatal highs.

What is an urban heat island and what causes it?
These heat islands form because urban surfaces such as roadways and rooftops absorb and emit heat to a greater extent than most natural surfaces. On a warm day with a temperature of 91°F, conventional roofing materials may reach as high as 60°F warmer than air temperatures.
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119 Moroney St., Bairnsdale, Victoria