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City of Vincent - Verge Garden & Parklets: Guidelines and Support

City of Vincent council is a leader in verge gardening. Not only do they allow gardens, they include a verge garden category in their annual garden competition.

“The City encourages residents to plant their verges with waterwise native gardens. This not only saves water and improves the aesthetics of the streetscapes but also provide food and habitat for wildlife.”

For more advice on creating a Waterwise verge garden, please view the City’s Waterwise Verge Guide.

For full details on what is and isn’t permitted on the verge, please view the City’s Verge Treatments, Planting and Beautification Policy.

Vincent also have a program for parklets. “In the City of Vincent there are two types of Parklets, City Parklets and Hosted Parklets. City Parklets are funded, designed, built and maintained by the City. Hosted Parklets are sponsored by a business or community group and are funded, designed, built and maintained by the applicant.”


Local Government Area
City of Vincent
Council Allows Verge Gardens?
Verge gardens allowed, Plants intended for eating allowed