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City of Kalamunda

This Council seems keen to encourage verge gardening to tackle urban heat by providing events like this: Planting a verge garden why how

It’s not a policy written for a lay-person. Careful reading is required.

Verge Landscaping Conditions for Residential Property

The City of Kalamunda By Law Relating to Street Lawns and Gardens (1964) sets out the legal requirements for work in verges.

In respect of approvals, the by law requires that:

“A person shall not plant a lawn or garden in a street, except pursuant to a permit issued by the council and then only in conformity with these by-laws”.

This guideline represents an informing document in support of the by law. In the interests of reducing unnecessary administrative work, a formal application is not required where all of the conditions in this guideline have been complied with. If a resident / owner has any doubt as to the compliance with their current or proposed verge landscaping, they should contact the City.

Go direct to the pdf at https://www.kalamunda.wa.gov.au/docs/default-source/planningdocs/information-sheets/verge-landscaping-conditions.pdf

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