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Canberra Nature Strip Planting Policy and Guidelines

Planting guidelines are similar to other councils – street trees are done by the council, residents can only plant low growing plants.

Their guidelines are well thought out and quite detailed about what residents can do without a permit.

Food growing is permitted but height levels would rule out many crops. The use of chemical fertilisers and weedkillers, slug pellets etc which many use for food growing is also ruled out.

This is the only policy I have seen with a plant list which specifically refers to plants suitable to bushfire prone areas – with lower height levels and recommended plants. The list could also be useful to gardeners in other areas.

The document also discusses the use of rain gardens and has an excellent table “A summary of shared expectations for the management of Canberra’s residential nature strips”

See more at https://www.cityservices.act.gov.au/plan-and-build/building-works/nature-strips

Council Allows Verge Gardens?
Verge gardens allowed, Plants intended for eating allowed