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Backyards for Biodiversity SEQ Group

This is a community that is concerned with local and global biodiversity declines. We think globally and act locally by restoring locally flora and thus fauna to urban areas in south east Queensland; starting in our own backyards!

We understand the following principles are useful in establishing backyard biodiversity:
1. Grow local native plants
2. Provide flowering & fruiting plants, preferably native
3. Provide clean water
4. Provide species specific shelter – mulch, rocks and logs, nesting boxes
5. Control weed plant species and remove or limit lawn
6. Grow some food, and some native food, for your family!
7. Embrace some mess
8. Enclose pets and control pests
9. Avoid use of chemicals when controlling pests or other uses
10. Learn about and celebrate nature!

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or see our website at https://backyardsforbiodiversity.org/

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