What if I don’t have a nature strip of my own to plant?

For widespread and mainstream change to green our streets, participation cannot be restricted to residents who have a verge in front of their home. For both individuals and groups there are many ways to get involved.

Adopt a verge

Find a friend, family member, or someone in your neighbourhood who would like to a verge garden but the initial conversion is too big a hurdle. This can be done on an individual basis our as groups of volunteers – egĀ Valley Verges in Western Australia.

Townhouse and Apartment Complexes

Body Corporate are responsible for verges and common property within complexes. Too often this is outsourced as basic mowing and hedging. You need to talk to your Body Corporate committees about options.

Collaborating Groups

For collaborative group projects, participants can come with many assets – some will come with the verge available, others will come with plant or design knowledge, understanding of policies, photography and writing skills for posting on this site and promotion on social media etc. See more here on how to use Shady Lanes projects for your group or organisation.