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Tips on listing your Nature Strip in our Directory

This is your chance to inspire and connect with others.

mynaturestrip thumbnailYou can include one image, one video, and as much text as you like.

You can also include links to other websites or web pages within the text, and extra images if they are hosted elsewhere.

Tell your story in the content box – include things like…

  • why you decided to do it?
  • what benefits have you found?
  • what drawbacks have you found?
  • what have you learned?
  • what plants have you included?
  • how have other people reacted?
  • would you do anything differently next time?
  • This is your chance to change the direction of conversations and advocate for your cause.

If you are concerned about biodiversity and habitat, talk about the increases in wildlife you have seen and how your nature strip connects with other greenspace.

If you are concerned about reducing emissions, talk about having no emissions from mowing equipment or clippings going into landfill.

If you are concerned about active transport, talk about making the streets cooler, more interesting, or more walkable.

If you are interesting in building community and reducing loneliness, talk about the conversations you’ve had or people you’ve met.

If you are worried about urban heat, talk about how the garden combines with the street trees to increase shade and reduce heat.

If you are a member of a group project or collaboration, remember to tick their box so you will be included in their listings as well as the general listings.

You can add and edit your listing at any time. You can add the listing when you start and update it as you progress. Listings are current for a year. You will get an email asking you to click to renew and a prompt to check the listing is up to date.

Note: All nature strips must comply with your local Council policy and guidelines. We are collaborating to build good relationships for further projects. Please work with your council to understand their reasons and to improve policies rather than flout them and risk disputes.

An A4 pdf version is available here Tips on listing your Verge Garden