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FAQ – for ChangeMakers

The Shady Lanes Project offers a way for ChangeMakers to get their message out and to connect to others and form collaborations. Here are some common questions.

Why nature strips and not just private gardens?

Short Answer: You can make any changes you like in your garden and nobody will take much notice. To be effective for change-making your actions need to be in public. Being public land also adds flexibility for funding larger projects. Long Answer: What’s So Special about Verges and Nature Strips […] Read more

Instead of charging to list your services or organisation on this site we ask that you create a verge garden and list it first.  The experience of planting out your own strip is different to planting inside the garden and the experience will show when you talk with others on collaborative projects. Our goal is […] Read more

What’s Shady Lanes got to do with Urban Design?

Re-engaging residents with their streetscapes gradually changes the way people view the streets makes them more open to advocacy about alternatives to the status quo. Spending time in this place doing “slow gardening” means you notice more and have time to contemplate the possibilities. It moves the focus onto the shared street and away from individual […] Read more