Verge gardens, walkability and active transport

So what does planting on nature strips have to do with active transport?

Pedestrians needs are too often forgotten by people who design and maintain our streets and public places

People will walk when it’s shady, pleasant, interesting and safe.

Councils and State Governments can’t or won’t pay for active transport infrastructure under current models of building infrastructure that prioritise private cars.

Politicians won’t invest in active transport infrastructure until they see enough public support (votes).

Many people (voters) won’t see the value of active transport and the way we allocate space until we reframe the view that streets and roads are for cars into streets are public places for everyone.

Reframing relies on:
A) the stories we tell
B) our experience in the space
C) reinforcing or modifying social norms

Changing the space makes it visible.

It challenges assumptions about the use of that space – parking versus bike lanes versus footpath.

It opens the topics for conversations on how our streets could be.