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Other Businesses

Apart from the general benefits like tackling the urban heat island effect, there are additional ways businesses can benefit from verge planting and other urban greenspace.

Increasing business for local businesses

Improving the amenity and access for pedestrians and cyclists can increase the custom that small local shops rely on. When people are in their cars, it is easy for them to drive straight past their corner store to the major centres.

Cooler, attractive surroundings will encourage customers to come on foot and linger. This has long been recognised by streetscaping major suburban strips but there is no reason that smaller scale projects can't be undertaken by individual shops and small centres themselves.

One Australian council already has a program to work with businesses to build parklets. (City of Vincent – Parklets)

Corporate Citizenship and SDGs

For larger organisations, sponsorship of projects can be part of showing their commitment to the environment, their communities, and the Sustainable Development Goals.