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Community Organisations & Champions

This is not a hierarchical structure. Every local project is independently run and  needs a local champion with the drive, enthusiasm and skills to bring the scheme to their area.

Projects can be run as social enterprises, a division in an existing organisation or business, or even as a new micro-business.

Champions can work within the project, or provide guidance as a director or committee member.

Benefits to the Champion

  • Opportunity to use skills for the benefit of their community.
  • Opportunity to network and learn new skills.
  • Opportunity to put research into practice or engage in further research
  • Opportunity to work for a cause that they care about


  • Planning, marketing, seeking funds
  • Engaging with the Shady Lanes network
  • Liaise with councils and other stakeholders


  • Ensure legal compliance
  • Monitor the success of the project and adapt where necessary
  • Seek funding and complete acquittals of grants

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