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Complementary (not necessarily shared) goals and skills of stakeholders is the key to making each individual project work.

Identifying and satisfying each stakeholder's goals is essential to keeping their long term participation. Each project will have to address their individual stakeholder's “What's in it for me?” need for measurable benefits – within the language and framework of that stakeholder. For example, some stakeholders will be more motivated by environmental issues, others by employment, others by a desire for social justice or simply improvements to their lifestyle.

The resources each stakeholder brings to the project are likely to coincide with their goals. For example, a council that needs to meet targets to increase urban canopy can provide street trees and the knowledge of which plants are best suited to each area.

Every project needs its local champion – a person, group, or organisation, with the focus, drive and initiative to make that project work within their own community.

Although the number of stakeholders and the role each plays may vary slightly, below are some key stakeholders and participants. Select those relevant to your project.

The Shady Lanes Project provides the framework to foster a scalable network which brings together the many disparate and local stakeholders and provides a platform for the sharing of information and resources.

Our Responsibilities

  • Grow and maintain the network
  • Monitoring the performance of different aspects of the project and providing information to all stakeholders
  • Use research to suggest future directions and projects

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