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Nature Strips – Guiding Principles

Guiding Principles

  1. Projects should aim to engage community residents, local organisations, and local businesses at all times.
  2. Each project will be tailored to, and by, the target community.
  3. Delivery methods should be flexible and varied to suit the community and circumstances.
  4. All jobs created should be ongoing, meaningful, and within the target community.
  5. Formal training and building of skills and experience should be available to all participants.
  6. Volunteering should be used as support only and not at the expense of paid jobs.
  7. Nature strip gardens must comply with local council policies. Councils should work toward minimising compliance overheads – eg permits not required when following guidelines.
  8. Nature strip gardens are to be water-wise, organic, pesticide-free, with predominantly native plants. Choosing plants native to the area reduces the need for excess water and soil modification, as well as providing better habitat.
  9. Participation of Indigenous people and organisations, including the sharing of their ecological knowledge, is encouraged.

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