Different Problems, Same Solution

Since I started working on this project, I’ve come across lots of people who have an issue and know what should be done about it.

  • We need to cool the cities with trees
  • We need to increase habitat for wildlife
  • We need to reduce car emissions
  • We need to encourage active transport (walking, cycling)
  • We need to provide more greenspace for people
  • We need to create jobs
  • And so on…

Lots of people are right about changes we need to make in our cities, and they all want more or less the same thing.

But being right and presenting facts isn’t doing much good.

Often they are focused on their particular right thing – urban heat, climate change, habitat, health, cycling, walking, social justice, mental health, greenspace – all competing with each other for attention and funding

and so they fail to get the traction needed for change they want.

The Shady Lanes Project provides a framework to bring these people with these different goals together so instead of competing with each other, their energies combine to create the changes they desire.

What is the change you want to see?

Pollinator Strips and Wildlife Habitat
Bees, butterflies and other pollinators, small birds, lizards, and other wildlife need corridors connecting larger spaces of parkland.
Reduction in Urban Heat
Cities are getting hotter from the urban heat island effect. Tree canopy and shade helps make suburbs cooler, and reduces power used for air-conditioning.
Increase Physical & Mental Health
Both exercise from walking and exposure to nature and plants has been shown to benefit our physical and mental health.
Walkable streets and cycling lanes
Shaded, walkable streets encourage active transport – walking, cycling, etc – while going about everyday activities.
Better Connected Communities
Active streets bring life into urban areas – connecting neighbours, reducing loneliness, increasing safety
Meaningful jobs that fit workers circumstances
Creating meaningful local jobs within communities avoids the need to commute and keeps workers near their support networks or caring responsibilities.
Tackling Climate Change This is fast local action that can be taken be everyone to mitigate weather extremes, capture carbon and increase rainwater infiltration.