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Sutherland Shire Council Verge Garden Policy

Council also allows the planting of low-growing (less than 0.5m), soft foliage plants, with written approval. Council will want assurance that:

  • a 1.5m clearance is maintained for pedestrians
  • that adequate space for bin collections is provided
  • that there will be no obstructions to sight lines of vehicles exiting driveways
  • that utility pit lids are visible and accessible.

Residents must also consider that where utility works occur, the footway will be reinstated with turf.  Hard objects such as garden edges, stakes, logs, sleepers, river pebbles, timbers, stones, pots, statues and rocks are not permitted in the footway.  Council also reserves the right to remove – or ask the property owner to remove – any inappropriate plant or work.

See https://www.sutherlandshire.nsw.gov.au/living-here/roads,-traffic-and-parking/roads-and-footpaths-frequently-asked-questions

Council Allows Verge Gardens?
Verge gardens allowed, Permits required