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Flora 4 Fauna - Australia

Flora 4 Fauna – Australia is actively working towards providing the community with:
– Native Australian Plants through regular plant sales;
– The facilitation of small, medium and large-scale regeneration projects;
– Educational ‘Walks and Talks’;
– Bushfood & Biodiversity Eco Tours; &
– The provision of (easy-to-follow) advice to help individuals and local community groups regenerate the depleted parts of Australia by planting Native Australian Bushfoods, Bush Medicines, Fauna Attracting Host Plants and Utility Trees, etc.
Australia has one of the most diverse environments in the world and SE Queensland is one of the most (internationally recognized) biodiverse areas on the continent.
With that in mind, we invite you to get involved in this community based project by liking our Facebook pages and joining our Flora 4 Fauna – Australia support group that are designed to increase public awareness about our Native Australian Bushfoods, Bush Medicines, Fauna / Pollinator Attracting host plants and Utility Trees, the plight of our natural world and what can be done to help rectify the current situation!