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City of Adelaide Verge Guidelines

As the land owner, the City of Adelaide needs to assess and approve your proposal. We do this by way of a simple nature strip application form (form to be filled in by owner of the property, landlord or Strata Title – body corporate). In every application, we will consider:

  • If there are any utilities under the verge that may be affected (such as gas, phone, water or electricity lines)
  • If there is space for placement of bins and access to parked vehicles
  • If there is a clear line of sight for pedestrians and traffic
  • That there are no potential trip-hazards and
  • The landscaped character of the area

What support can the City of Adelaide offer me?

Once approved, the City of Adelaide can help your project by:

  • Assisting with design ideas and horticultural advice based on landscaping guidelines
  • Supply and install initial plants, soil, mulch or new instant turf to kick-start your project
  • Supplying conduit (PVC pipe) from the nature strip to the property boundary only, for irrigation



Local Government Area
City of Adelaide
Council Allows Verge Gardens?
Verge gardens allowed, Plants intended for eating allowed, Permits required