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How do I deal with neighbours?

Many Council policies require you to talk to neighbours before planting a verge garden.

On the surface this seems like a simple request. In practice, it’s often not so easy.

Worrying about what neighbours will say is one of the common reasons that people give for not planting. Being the first in your street can break the social norms or the assumptions of what is standard practice in a street.

If there is already some tension between you and a neighbour, a verge garden could become a battle ground unless you make an effort to be conciliatory.

Then I’d suggest planting a small garden in the easiest and least contentious place on your verge. While you are out there planting or weeding, people tend to at least say hello when passing by. The small garden is your conversation starter about the idea of planting verges. Then each extra bit of verge that you transform is just a little extra step.

The free basic course is designed to help you work out how to approach verge gardening in your situation and avoid complaints and disputes.