February 2020

February 2020 Survey Results

In our second survey, in February 2020, we looked at our expectations of councils. Many thanks to all who participated. This is what we found. Council Policies Council policies vary widely. Some are basic guidelines, others require formal applications, landscape plans, and payment for permits for the most basic verge garden. Readers could select as […] Read more

What’s So Special about Verges and Nature Strips?

There is a tendency to think of native strips or verges as just another form of public greenspace like parks and community gardens. And a less important one, at that. But this space – between the front property line and the road – has some special features that set it apart from other public land. […] Read more

The Most Important Equipment for Walking in the Suburbs

I had to get from North West Hospital on Flockton Street to the Everton Park shops in Brisbane today. It was a hot sunny day, 30+ degrees. I’d not planned on walking so had no hat, but I did have the most important equipment of all for walking – my phone. I checked the map […] Read more

February 2020 Survey

In our January survey we found that council policies and communication was a big issue. Let’s look a bit deeper into that. Every Council policy (list here) is different. Some are just guidelines, others require detailed landscape plans and payment for permits. Some offer plant lists, a few offer special lists for bushfire prone areas. […] Read more